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Disguised under the Sahau and AK41 aliases, together with his studio fellows Dan Andrei and Paul Agripa, Kozo started to make waves through twisted bits of electronic avantgarde with his releases on Zimbru and Melliflow. Yet, electronic music is just a tiny part of his musical universe so we challenged Kozo to come up with 5 jazz tracks and a bottle of wine, just to make the jazz listening session more appealing ;)

Here we go:

Art Farmer Tommy Flanagan – Au Privave

Dave Brubeck -Blue Rondo A La Turk


Miles Davis – So What


Bill Evans & Chet Baker – If You Could See Me Now


Charles Mingus – Nostalgia In Times Square


Selection to be enjoyed with a bottle of red Lacerta Cuvee IX

Zi ceva!

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