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Behind the wires, filters, knobs, buttons and pads you would master them at some point, there is something else that would define your sound as a producer. There is this cocktail of childhood memories, fragments of tracks repeated to obsession, old friendships and dusty ambients that feed the artists’ creative flow from the subconscious, manifesting as loops of condensed energy. Vincentiulian‘s ever changing musical personality has been out there, starting with his Metereze release, back in 2015, and continuing with 2 excellent records for Atipic and Contemporan.

Try to listen between his loops extended to infinity and you’ll discover lots of patterns and harmonies, almost impossible to tag within a musical genre. So we asked Vincentiulian to tell us the story of there patterns & harmonies and he came up with this amazing track selection.



Debussy – Arabesque no 1


Nils Frahm – Toilet Brushes – More


Steve Reich – Music for 18 Musicians


Philip Glass – Music in twelve parts


Jean Michele Jarre – Oxygene


Photo credit: Kay Ross

Zi ceva!

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