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It was a matter of time until the long lasting friendship between Vera and Alexandra expressed itself into a record label. Melliflow’s sound perfectly describes what we received from these 2 lovely ladies when we danced long hours to their sets: a nice balance between minimal techno and deep house, spiced up with a secret ingredient that glues the tunes deep into our electronic brains.

And this secret ingredient we’re talking about is brought also into Melliflow’s second release by Dan Andrei & Kozo under the AK41 name: 3 tracks, borrowing sounds from each other to give birth to 3 completely different cuts, from Daytona’s Detroit-ish roots to the deep & light hearted Convolvulus through our personal favourite spartan percussion from Van Bufny.

Daytona EP is now (unfortunatelly) out of stock at Juno

Zi ceva!

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